Anti Anxiety Tea


A synergistic herbal blissful blend of Withania, Holy basil, Passionflower, Ginger and Rosemary.


Anti-anxiety herbal tea contains certified organic ingredients including Withania (Ashwagandha), Holy basil (Tulsi), and Passionflower which together have been shown to reduce anxiety and stress. Ginger assists with digestion because when you are stressed, you can’t digest properly. Rosemary has traditionally been used to treat tension headaches by enhancing peripheral circulation, and it also supports liver detoxification. Rosemary is beneficial for memory and heart health too!

The Anti-anxiety blend is a refreshing and uplifting brew, suitable any time of the day and especially good at night time to promote digestion and relaxation and contribute to quality sleep. The Australian-grown herbs include Ashwagandha, Passionflower, and Rosemary. They are hand-harvested and carefully processed for optimum freshness which is evident in the delicate taste of the Anti-anxiety Bliss Blend tea.

Bliss Blend’s beautiful Australian locally grown herbs create a delicate taste and clean finish that is evident throughout the entire tea range.

For further information see this Article regarding the scientific evidence of Ashwagandha https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC6979308/

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Loose Leaf 35g – 20 cups, Loose Leaf 60g – 40 cups, Loose Leaf 150g


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