About Us

Our Goal Red Teapot.

Kathy Stokes is the founder of Bliss Blend, she is a qualified Naturopathic Doctor having completed a Bachelor of Health Science (Naturopathy) at the Southern School of Natural Health in 2020. Naturopathic treatment is evidence-based and encompasses herbal medicine, nutrition, food as medicine, lifestyle, and environmental factors to improve an individual’s health.

Kathy has combined the medicinal properties of herbs to create a unique organic tea range that supports common health conditions such as digestion, circulation, weight loss, insomnia, anxiety, and hypertension. The latest addition is the Anti-Anxiety blend, with herbs that have been shown to reduce anxiety by relaxing the central nervous system and thus, improve associated symptoms.

Bliss Blend organic tea produces Australian tea blends, made from premium Australian organic herbs, that taste pure and fresh. It’s Pure Bliss!

There are eight different tea blends available in loose-leaf, including Saffron-green tea biodegradable tea bags.

Customer Satisfaction

Sharon Cruise “I have been enjoying Bliss Blend teas for several years now. I love the flavours and the fact that they are organically grown and processed in Australia.  I drink Bliss Blend Organic Tea from first thing in the morning to last thing at night. The Cleansing Replenishing and Ginger Green tea are two of my favourites. There’s nothing better than the soothing, pure taste of a Bliss Blend.  I was so pleased to find the teas at my local farmers market and have now graduated to ordering online so that I always have my tea on hand.”

Vanessa Lee “Bliss Blend has a sweet lingering taste that mellows my mood. It’s become part of my daily routine… my morning quiet time”.

Our Guarantee

The consistency and freshness of Bliss Blend Organic Tea are guaranteed. It is created from carefully selected organic Australian herbs sourced directly from organic growers.

The certified organic Green tea is sourced from the pristine mountains of Sri Lanka and delivered fresh to Australia every 6-12 weeks. The green tea used to make Bliss Blend Organic Tea is very low in caffeine with a delicate taste without bitterness.

Our Australian certified organic tea is grown without the use of chemical or artificial fertilisers and pesticides.

The ingredients are sourced from Australian organic growers and Australian herbs are used in preference to imported ingredients, supporting local.

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