Dandelion Root (Roasted/Spiced)


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Spiced Dandelion – Chai style with roasted Dandelion root, warming in winter and stimulating during summer. It’s a taste sensation!
Ingredients: (Certified Organic) Roasted Dandelion root, roasted chicory, malted barley, ginger, cardamon, cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg.  It’s a delicious detox!

Roasted Dandelion – known as a coffee substitute and it’s liver detoxifying effects, this roasted Dandelion root has a rich consistency with cleansing tones.
Ingredients: (Certified Organic) Australian grown Dandelion root.

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Spiced Dandelion 80g – 30 cups, Spiced Dandelion TIN 80g – 30 cups, Spiced Dandelion 20 Tea Bags -35g, Spiced Dandelion TIN – 20 Tea Bags, Spiced Dandelion 160g – 60 cups, Roasted Dandelion 80g – 30 cups, Roasted Dandelion 160g – 60 cups, Roasted Dandelion TIN 80g – 30 cups

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    We apologise for any inconvenience regarding the unavailability of our Roasted Dandelion and Spiced Dandelion loose leaf tea. The Spiced Dandelion is currently available in tea bags only.

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